When you think of an African safari, chances are that the Kruger comes to mind. It is by far South Africa’s best-known animal reserve. It is also the greatest national park on the planet, based on the wildlife that calls the park home. It gained its magnificent reputation based on the diversity of animal and plant life as well as based on the number of animals currently in the park. There is little surprise then why so many people choose Kruger National Park tours and safaris as the best way to explore those incredible landscapes.

Kruger National Park safari with Vaya Africa Travels. A safari in South Africa is high up on the bucket list of pretty much all of those who are holidaying in this part of the world. Visiting the Kruger National Park is an unforgettable experience, in many ways it is exactly what you would expect a wild safari in Africa to be like. Except that when you go on a safari adventure with Vaya Africa Travels you will be treated to luxury accommodation. Vaya Africa Travels has created the perfect safari packages to help you spend the ideal amount of time in the park. And time spent with a knowledgeable guide is certainly the best way to make sure that you see exactly what you came to see.

The Kruger National Park, found in Mpumalanga and the Limpopo Province of South Africa, is unlike any place you will ever visit. Nature is rich and untouched, the animals are living in a truly natural habitat which is in and of itself incredibly special to see with your own eyes. Of course, most people come to the park with a checklist of animals that they would like to see, but the time you spend in the park is about more than just seeing animals. Time in the park is that welcome break from the real world. Along with it being downtime for most, it is also an enlightening journey when taken with a Kruger National Park tour operator like Vaya Africa Travels.

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