South Africa has a number of places to go on safari. One of those places, in fact, one of the most popular places, is the geological wonder that is the Pilanesberg. Home to a variety of different animals, including members of the Big 5, when you visit the Pilanesberg on a day safari, you can be sure that you will leave the park with a more than a few fantastic memories. The

The way that the day tours are structured means that you enter the park early in the morning which happens to be the perfect time to see wildlife. At midday, the tour stops off to allow guests to relax, and with one more tour in the afternoon, before you leave the park, there is ample time for some great sightseeing. The beautiful Pilanesberg is situated on the outskirts of Sun City, in South Africa’s North West Province. This dry region makes for the ideal habitat for some of South Africa’s most famous animals. But the park offers far more than just wildlife sightings. The Pilanesberg is also home to interesting rock formations which date back millions of years.

When you are visiting Africa, especially a county like South Africa, you simply have to make time to go on a safari. Why? Because it is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting, invigorating, yet relaxing tours you will ever do. While the Kruger is popular, it is far from the urban areas in Gauteng, and stunning Cape Town might not be on your agenda during your time here. The Pilanesberg is magnificent in its own right and worth the trip, even if it is for one day.

But unlike many of South Africa’s earliest mining camps, there was something about Johannesburg that had real staying power. Of course, the copious amounts of gold had a pull, but there was certainly more than that. And the city continues to grow. It has seen so much happen and bears many marks left by history. These marks are now part of Johannesburg’s unique sightseeing tourist attractions. Our Johannesburg city tour itinerary offers exciting tourist sightseeing stops, and tour packages designed to create the ultimate sightseeing experience.

Full day tours and half day tours take guests to some of the most memorable places and then there is always the option of indulging in safari adventures. Safari day tours from Johannesburg take guests into the wild of Pilanesberg, where animal sightings are plenty.

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Sun City- Pilanesberg Day Tours
Sun City- Pilanesberg Day Tours

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