The vibrancy of Johannesburg City cannot be avoided. There is something happening all of the time; on every street and on every corner! Johannesburg day trips out and about will let you really see the city for what it is: a bustling tourist attraction. Sure it is a city and it’s always buzzing, driving the South African economy forward. But beneath the layers of commerce lies a rich history. Johannesburg had incredibly humble beginnings as a mining town. The vibrancy of Johannesburg City can also be felt by visiting either Soweto or The Apartheid Museum.

But unlike many of South Africa’s earliest mining camps, there was something about Johannesburg that had real staying power. Of course, the copious amounts of gold had a pull, but there was certainly more than that. And the city continues to grow. It has seen so much happen and bears many marks left by history. These marks are now part of Johannesburg’s unique sightseeing tourist attractions. Our Johannesburg city tour itinerary offers exciting tourist sightseeing stops, and tour packages designed to create the ultimate sightseeing experience.

Full day tours and half day tours take guests to some of the most memorable places and then there is always the option of indulging in safari adventures. Safari day tours from Johannesburg take guests into the wild of Pilanesberg, where animal sightings are plenty.

We have the best wheelchair friendly day trip options in Johannesburg for you to choose from. It’s in this fast-paced metropolis that the country’s radical political and social transformation is most evident – this is the ‘Rainbow Nation’ at work. It’s a heady experience, with contrasts of every kind round every single corner. More experiences Here.

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