Day tours are a fantastic way to see some of the hottest attractions because they are guided, which means that you benefit from the insights and experience of the guide, and they take travelers right to the heart of the action. South Africa is bursting at the proverbial seams with incredible things to see and do. These range from the nightclubs of Cape Town & Johannesburg to the arid landscapes of the Karoo; and everything in-between.

Day Tours South Africa

Cape Town Day Tours

Cape Town is the oldest settlement within South Africa established back in the 1652 and it’s for that reason that it is called the Mother City. It prides in a blend of cultures that include the African influence and European influence with a fusion of both modern and the tradition ways of life.

The town offers museums, local markets, several restaurants with fine cuisines and a great diversity of shops. this is one of the must visit places while in South Africa.

Johannesburg Day Tours

Johannesburg is a young city with an incredible history and legacy. The settlement sprang up in 1886 when prospectors found gold in the area now known as the Witwatersrand. When the discovery became public, thousands flocked here in search of fortune and new opportunities. 

Its sprawling Soweto township was once home to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

4-Day Kruger Treehouse Safari

Pilanesberg Nature Reserve

Pilanesberg National Park is located about 2 hours drive from the city of Johannesburg and it is among the easy to accessible wildlife destinations in the country.

This game park is found within a crater of an extinct volcano and there is a man-made lake that serves as a drinking hole to a large number of different animals making it easy to see species like lions, rhinos, leopards and elephants during your visit. Because of its small size this park can be visited during your day tours in South Africa.

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